BSC’s Crypto Gem $DADDY Set to Take On Giants HODL, GHOSTFACE and TIKI 

What’s common between TIKI, GHOSTFACE and HODL coins? All three are successful passive income cryptocurrency coins on the BSC smart chain. All three offer BNB rewards for investors, almost too good to be true passive income potential, along with some varied tokenomics. Despite their grand launches, and great investor interest, all three came to a standstill. The developers of the new DADDY token wondered why and they found the answer!The answer lay in the fact that these giants ran out of marketing budgets over time. Their contracts do not have a provision for continuous marketing tax. It’s no secret that marketing in the cryptosphere is “extortionately expensive”.With the result, at one point the initial hype died and the coins started to stagnate. This is why the DADDY token was born. Developers Anthony Lee and Harry Knight have created a coin with huge BNB rewards and never-ending marketing funds! What you have here is a token that “never ceases to market”. This kind of community driven, rug safe and whale safe contract has never before been put into place.What is $DADDY coin? How does it work? And is the Daddy model sustainable? Daddy is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Each transaction, purchase or sell, incurs a 15% fee, 6% of which is automatically redistributed amongst all holders in the form of BNB. Their long awaited pre-sale and launch is on Monday, June the 28th. By rewarding holders with BNB, which is much more marketable and appealing than token rewards, holders are attracted to the idea of holding Daddy tokens in the long run. The same idea applies to new investors. The notion of ‘passive income’ is therefore leveraged in their marketing approach, and used to facilitate the development and growth of their brand name. This little twist on Tokenomics has found a good investor base, as exemplified by the likes of Ghostface, HODL, or TIKI token, three projects which have recently had very successful launches. However, DADDY claims to be superior to its competitors, hence its name. The aforementioned tokens following the BNB reward model will have short to medium term life-spans, according to the developing team of Daddy, which comes as a consequence of the model being based on trading volume, and the incentive for holding being in direct correlation with said volume. Indeed, as volume decreases, so does the incentive to hold for all investors. DADDY claims to solve this problem two specific ways: First of all, the token includes a Marketing fee within its Tax. This fee will allow the project to constantly attract external investors, and keep the transaction volume at a solid baseline. In addition, in order to retain their base of investors, and slowly attract external members, DADDY will create engaging community contests, competitions, creativity challenges, as well as empower the community through inviting each member to participate and collaborate in the decision making processes for the token, from development all the way to marketing. A second method will be to externalize their marketing approach and message beyond the crypto realm. Indeed, projects such as SafeMoon have been so successful since they were able to attract retail investors, people from outside the standard crypto community.How this can be achieved is by using principles of cluster marketing. As they move forward in the life of their coin, Daddy’s branding approach will start to include additional components related to spreading awareness on child abuse. While a 1% fee is already donated to charity, Daddy will also make sure to focus their marketing message on spreading awareness on this major issue which is often tabou or “under-discussed”. The problem of child abuse, which is Universal, is common all around the world but rarely brought up, especially in underdeveloped countries, and does not require donations as much as it necessitates the spread of awareness. Daddy will therefore bind their brand image with the notion of child protection, and awareness about child abuse. Many topics often gain exposures, but other equally important subjects stay Tabou or unspoken, and Daddy believes this is one of them.All in all, the BNB reward system, if advertised correctly, can become a true sensation in the retail investor world. Far beyond the small boundaries of the group of investors competing for short term returns within the Binance Smart chain. Therefore, Daddy will launch their own “brand”, which they advertise as a form of alternate investment in which holders are rewarded with constant dividends, and as an investment which participates in the spread of awareness for the protection of children around the world. This terminology, which is easily marketable, and can be understood by common investors, will allow them to extend beyond their initial boundaries, and sustain the growth of their token.  For more details, join their community: visit their website:

Clint Norton

By Clint Norton

I’m a crypto author and investor with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I have been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider. I’m also the founder of Crypto News Aggregator, one of the largest online sources for cryptocurrency news and analysis.

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